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5Rhythms® Form, Flow, Freedom

In times of great change many of us search for a sense of freedom. It is important to have a practice to assist us in navigating the inner and outer terrain of life. The 5Rhythms offers us just this. It is a map to understanding the process of change. This is a journey in which we explore improvisational movement, accompanied by music and guided facilitation. 

In the heart of Flowing we connect to the feminine nature within. Here with bone, blood and breath, we look to the body to lead us to our intuitive selves. We bring life to the feet, unlocking the door to our uniqueness and individuality. 

How can we create fluidity in this body? How does fluidity awaken freedom? If we can find freedom in the body, then is it possible to find it in the heart and mind? 

The dance floor becomes the mirror, reflecting where we are and where we wish to be. Through using the medicine of ones own Flowing movements, you can foster connection to your own inner wisdom and authenticity.