Cultivate, Peace, Contentment & Joy

Retreats are offered typically in weekend and weeklong formats. It is in these longer retreats that one is able to truly experience the depth and power of this method and its ability to transform the human heart, body and mind.

Attending retreats allows for a deep dive into the philosophy, practice and embodiment of the 5Rhythms method. Day after day, we excavate the layers as archeologists of our own body and spirit. It is here that we cultivate the environment for peace and wellbeing as we empty and integrate.

Join us for one of our many retreats around the world and discover your own potential for peace, contentment and joy. It is through this journey that one can experience the power of transforming suffering into awareness and awareness into healing. 


Featured Retreat Centers:

Esalen Institute, Big Sur California


Lumeria Maui, Hawaii

WildQuest, Bimini Bahamas