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5Rhythms® Moon Lodge, Honoring The Sacred Feminine

Join us as we journey into the Moon Lodge, a weekend of tribal and ritual healing for women,” says Lucia Horan. “How empowered are you as a woman navigating this world? What is your relationship to the feminine and her wisdom?” Even today, many women do not feel the freedom to be fully empowered. The 5Rhythms is a direct path to embodiment and empowerment. By showing up in a practice of presence one can begin to clear the past and live fully in the present.

This workshop celebrates the body of Woman and the sacred feminine within. Through dance, meditation, massage, and ritual baths, we will share in the Sisterhood of humanity.

We will integrate the stillness of Buddhist mindfulness meditation with the moving meditations of the 5Rhythms. In sitting meditation, we have the opportunity to observe the mind and body at rest through silent introspection. In the practice of the 5Rhythms, we engage in mindfulness while in motion. The two polarities of moving and sitting meditation together mirror the dance of life and open the door to peace, well-being, and balance.”

No experience is required. All workshop hours contribute to 5Rhythms teachers training prerequisites.