Release Stress and find a Balanced Mind State.  

Gabrielle Roth dedicated her life to developing a series of maps that define the human experience through movement. These maps are taught within the framework of retreats and classes.

Attending weekly classes puts you in direct contact with the 5Rhythms teachings and community, offering you a safe place to have a regular practice supported by a highly trained teacher.

Many people find attending classes helpful in becoming embodied in the knowledge and philosophy of the 5Rhythms method.

You may use these classes as a place to drop in and explore, or attend on a regular basis. Practicing each week allows for one to release built up stress and find a more clear and balanced mind state. 

5Rhythms® Class


  • We begin with a warm up that may range from 15-50 min depending on the length of the class.

  • It is then followed by a 5Rhythms demonstration by the teacher who will also explain the 5Rhythms method and the theme of that class.

  • Over the following 60-90 minutes, students are guided by the teacher through exercises that allow you to embody the philosophy taught during the demonstration.

  • Expect to dance alone, with partners and in a group.

  • Come ready to sweat!


Sweat Your Prayers Class


Sweat Your Prayers is different format of class that generally has much less instruction then a typical class. The Sweat Your Prayers was originally developed for advanced students to have an open space to practice the embodiment of skills and tools learned in classes and retreats. The Sweat Your Prayers format has now evolved into a class that anyone of any level of experience can join in and enjoy. It is usually a two-hour class. The 5Rhythms® played in consecutive order make up what we call a Wave. There are typically two waves played with a break in the middle for a discourse and demonstration.