Go deeper with one-on-one Mentoring

Attending classes and retreats can be a very powerful catalyst for change. Afterwards students often desire to speak with a teacher in a private one on one setting. It is here that you receive personalized guidance about your experience. With expanded explanations of the philosophy and practice you may come to understand how the work applies to your daily life and relationships.

I offer these sessions as a way to assist students in learning as much as possible from the work itself. There are no topics that are off limits and I invite you bring all that you are working with into the session. As we explore the truth of what is moving, I will: 

  • Offer suggestions and guidance as to how to further your personal practice.

  • Offer themes, exercises and meditation to work with at home in a daily practice.

  • Oversee & guide you in your study of Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms Maps, depending on what you need and where you are going with the work itself as a student or potential teacher.

  • Refer you to other therapies that are outside of my field of expertise for you to work with in facilitating your healing.

  • Help you to bring meaning to what arises in your dance.

  • Help you understand how to implement these teachings into your daily life and relationships.

  • Give you practical themes, exercises to focus on in your practice.

  • Offer you more clarity around the understanding the depth of your experience in classes and retreats.

  • Help guide you along the path of Gabrielle Roth's Maps according to what healing you most need.

  • Deeper explanation of the 5Rhythms philosophy and how this applies to you personally.