Mindfulness Guidance

The Buddhist path of becoming a teacher includes the empowerment to offer Buddhist Counseling from the perspective of the Theravada lineage.

This approach includes introductory Buddhist mindfulness meditation techniques and teachings on acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, loving-kindness, joy and equanimity.

I will assist you in developing a personal home practice. I will guide your spiritual journey and the implementation of these practices into your daily life.

This is an open space for you to bring to the conversation whatever is on your heart-mind. We will address what is present in your life and use specific meditations to respond to your personal needs and challenges.

The goals, topics and length of counseling are up to you, though I will make recommendations based on my training, experience and knowledge. Buddhist oriented counseling generally consists of weekly appointments. The personal issues and goals you are working with may determine how long you choose be in counseling.

Sessions may include and focus on:

  • Interpersonal relationships – relationships, family, work
  • Spiritual practice/ dilemmas – or the desire to deepen your knowledge and embodiment-practice
  • Depression/Grief/Anxiety
  • Addiction/Trauma/Recovery related issues
  • Challenging old patterns
  • Cultivate environments that will foster your own peace and wellbeing.
  • Practices of acceptance
  • Practices of forgiveness
  • Practices of compassion towards ones self and others.
  • Practices of generosity
  • The path of liberation and the 8 Fold Path
  • Develop a daily home practice.