Lucia offers mentorships to both students and 5Rhythms teachers in the form of private sessions.

These sessions are specifically tailored for you, depending on  your personal needs. Her offerings include both Buddhist Insight and 5Rhythms philosophies. 

For Students: 

Lucia will help you set up a home practice, deepen your personal practice, recommit to the path and refer you to other methods that will assist you in your development. This is a commitment to furthering your study and is offered for those who are in direct need of more personal guidance. Many students feel a need to process what has come up in classes and workshops with a knowledgable teacher. This is an opportunity to work one on one through the material that comes up in life and in practice. 

For Certified 5Rhythms® Teachers:

Lucia will work with you on personal challenges you are facing, specifically as a teacher, on and off the dance floor. She will help you develop curriculums that are exciting and inspirational. She will address  interpersonal issues, logistics, promotion, and further personal development with classes, workshops and intensives. As a senior teacher and faculty member of 5RTA, she will share with you her master of nearly 20 years of teaching experience around the world. 


Email Lucia directly to set up a free 15minute interview to learn more about working privately.