Explore the dynamic practice of the 5Rhythms®: Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical, and Stillness. This cathartic form of ecstatic dance is a workout for the body and soul. Developed by Gabrielle Roth over a lifetime of study in dance, theater, and the healing arts.

“Each of the Five Rhythms is a practical tool of awakening that will release us to dance on the edge, to be outrageous, to transform suffering into art, and art into awareness. Embracing the rhythms as spiritual practice is a dynamic way to free the body, to express the heart, and to clear the mind.” – Gabrielle Roth


Over a lifetime of development, Gabrielle Roth created many maps in which to understand the body, mind and spirit.

All Maps are based on the foundational system of Waves and build in progression. 

Flowing holds the feminine mysteries. Staccato explores the masculine mysteries. In chaos, we integrate these principles until all opposites break apart and dissolve. Lyrical is the rhythm of transformation, where all has changed. In stillness, we seek integration, moving with the emptiness and taking refuge in it.

Lucia is certified to teach two levels of the 5Rhythms® maps Waves & Heartbeat. She began her teaching path in 1998. All workshop and class hours contribute to 5Rhythms teachers training prerequsites.

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Lucia also does focus groups co-teaching with masters in the fields of Grief, Buddhist Meditation, Woman’s Power, Motion Theater®, Wild dolphins and Yoga. In Addition she teaches to Special Needs Adults at Laa Kea Foundation, in Maui Hawaii. She is also currently teaching with Noah Levine of Refuge Recovery focusing on Trauma and Addiction Treatment.

Map 1:

5Rhythms®; Waves

The 5Rhythms® practice marries breath, movement and spirit in a conscious way. This concept is what creates a meditative space. It is one that brings us out of the chattering mind and into the mind of awareness; into the present moment. The first map is Waves. It is the foundation of all other maps that follow.

In Waves we explore the rhythms of flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness. These rhythms can also be understood as dynamic states of being. Through the gateway of the body we learn how to open these realms and become fluid as we move between them.

Each of the rhythms has a light and shadow aspect. As we dance we investigate both sides of what moves us. This investigation helps us to better understand the primary aspect of the energies that govern our internal and external worlds.

Map 2:

5Rhythms®; Heartbeat

Heartbeat is a dynamic map that teaches us about our relationship between the rhythms and our emotional body. We practice holding the center in all that moves through us; fear, anger, sadness, joy and compassion. If we do not stop and get stuck, we can become fluid emotional athletes of life. We can learn to no longer cling or avoid, but embrace and meet these feelings with compassion. We explore this map in order to expand our capacity to love and be loved, in the most brilliant way possible.

Gabrielle Roth

February 4, 1941 – October 22, 2012

Below is a series of videos that share a glimpse into the teaching, the family and the Sangha. ~ Enjoy!