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Lucia Rose Horan was born into the family of the 5Rhythms® and Esalen Massage. She has been dancing with Gabrielle Roth and her brother Jonathan Horan throughout her life. She was born and was raised in the community of Esalen Institute. Her mother Peggy Horan is one of the contributing founders to Esalen Massage®.

Lucia became an Esalen Massage Practioner in 1994. Lucia was certified to teach the 5Rhythms® in 1998 at the age of twenty-one. She studied Ashtanga Yoga with David Swenson and was certified to teach in 1998. Lucia attained her BA Degree from Goddard College in 2001.

Lucia has taught at Esalen Institute (CA), Omega Institute (NY & Costa Rica), Kripalu, Centro de Ompia (Italy), The Studio Maui (Hawaii), TNK Psychology Institute (Osaka and Tokyo Japan), The Moving Center School (San Francisco and NYC), Wanderlust Vermont & Oahu.

She is recognized as an international teacher of the 5Rhythms® practice. Lucia brings to her teaching practice a lifetime of experience with the 5Rhythms as a way to move through the fabric of life’s experiences. She comes to the dance floor to share her love for the dance and faith in the practice. Lucia currently resides in Maui, Hawaii.

Having completed training in Buddha-Dharma, Lucia is now formally empowered to carry forth and teach in all capacities, the Dharma of liberation based on the teaching of the American-Buddhist lineage of Noah Levine, Jack Kornfield, and the forest masters of Thailand including Ajan Chah, Ajan buddhadasa, and the retreat masters of Burma in the lineage of Mahasi Sayadaw.

Her unique perspectives on insight have been published in “Dancing With Dharma: Essays on Movement And Dance In Western Buddhism” edited by Harrison Blum, Published by McFarland & Company.

Lucia leads focus groups co-teaching with masters in the fields of Buddhist meditation, trauma, addiction, grief, woman’s power, Motion Theater®, wild dolphins and yoga.  In Addition she is a volunteer teacher for Special Needs Adults at The La’a Kea Foundation.



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Many of the photographs on my site were taken by the amazing photographer Michael Berz. If you are interested in his work, please visit his site. www.michaeljulianberz.com